The production base is completed with the modern expensive import technological lines, allowing to maintain the highest requirements and the standards showed to manufactures of the food-processing industry, to reduce expenses for manufacture and to raise quality of finished goods. Capacity of a complex makes about 150000 kg / month.

Basis of unique manufacture for Ukraine is the technology "shock" frosts at temperature-70°С with use of the liquid nitrogen, which is not having analogues in the domestic market.

Technological process

The cooled fish comes in shop where low temperature mode does not allow an opportunity of bacteria growth. After clearing, gutting, cutting and filleting, the fish is checked on ichthyolopatologic verifying table with illumination. Then the fish, processed in appropriate way, is frozen by a cryogenic way (at temperature-70°С with use of liquid nitrogen). Given technology is recognized all over the world as the most advanced one. " Shock frost " is the guarantor of quality of production, allowing to keep not only taste of a product, and but also practically all vitamins present in it and useful substances.

It is known, there are bacteria in each product at a stage of preparation. But during the traditional - slow frost - there are traces of ability to live of bacteria in a product, during " shock frost ", they have not time to evolve. After " shock frosts " production are packed up in vacuum packing that provides additional safety of a product. Besides losses of weight of a product as a result of drying are reduced in 2-3 times. Thanks to "shock frost " crystallization occurs instantly, therefore at defreezing, the product does not lose the natural qualities: fabrics remain integral, the fish keeps the taste and color.

The company makes more than 80 tons of a fish fillet a month. Total amount of of released production - 150 tons a month.


The advanced system of logistic allows to deliver to the customer production of the highest quality in extremely short terms. So, from the moment of catch fishing before the appearance of production of "Bastion" company on shopboards in the USA and Canada, passes no more than 48 hours.

For the domestic market, the term of delivery of fresh frozen production is about 2 or 4 days..